Larry’s Picks

A Christmas Carol             Tom Lehrer             

As Heaven is Wide             Gran Turismo                       

Bank Vault in Heaven          Richard Thompson

Church                        Lyle Lovett      

Cry to heaven                 Sade       

Devil In A Midnight Mass      Billy Talent                 

Devil Went Back Down To Georgia Travis Tritt, Marty Stuart 

Devil Went Down To Georgia    Charlie Daniels Band   

Fire Of Heaven/Altar Of Earth Matisyahu  

Hanukkah in Santa Monica      Tom Lehrer

Heaven Help Us All            Ray Charles & Gladys Knight

Keep Me In Your Heart         Warren Zevon           

Knockin' On Heaven's Door     Aerosmith

Knockin' on Heaven's Door     Bob Dylan

Knockin' On Heaven's Door     Warren Zevon

Letter From Heaven            Bill Morrissey   

Losing My Religion            REM  

Stairway to Heaven            Lead Zepplin

Tears In Heaven               Eric Clapton                       

The Junky's Christmas         William S Burroughs

The Vatican Rag               Tom Lehrer                        

Vast Indifference of Heaven   Warren Zevon     

You'll Never Get To Heaven    Bill Morrissey